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Establishing April 8 as the International Buddhist Day

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The supreme Buddhist leaders from 41 countries across the 5 continents in the world have unanimously resolved to establish April 8, Lord Buddha’s Birthday, as the International Buddhist Day at the Sixth Buddhist Summit conference.

“Throughout heaven and earth, I alone am the honored one.”
The statue of newborn Buddha on the elephant with 6 tusks. The Buddha points at the heaven with his right hand and at the earth with his left hand. People all over the world will worship this statue on April 8 to celebrate and thank for the advent of Lord Buddha.

Joint Communiqué

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The unity among all Buddhists in the world
We are proud of being a member of Buddhist Summit and declare to stand up together for the propagation of Buddhism.

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Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, was born on April 8.
Lord Buddha was born on April 8, in the springtime when many kinds of flowers start blooming all together.
In celebration of the advent of Lord Buddha, Buddhists in the world will show their gratitude
by putting their hands together to the Buddha.
The statue of newborn Buddha, pointing at the heaven with his right hand and at the earth with his left hand
on the big gentle elephant with 6 tusks, is decorated with many flowers on April 8.